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Barneys New York To Release Two Exclusive Colors Of The Reebok R

While Barneys New York is best known as a stockist for a number of the world’s top high fashion houses the likes of COMME des Garcons, Gucci, and Stone Island, they are well-versed in the luxury shoe market as well, carrying Off-White label sneakers and Balenciagas. Now, Barneys is teaming up with Reebok to exclusively release two extravagant takes on the modernized Reebok Run.r 96 silhouette. Done up in both a black and a pink/blush colorway, the chunky, low-cut runner boasts an exaggerated thick midsole with mesh and leather panelling on its upper with grey reflective elements mixed in for contrast. Barneys branding shares real estate on this offering’s co-branded insoles, while a conventional lace unit is replaced with an oft-preferred clasp-style system. Those looking to add these finely crafted Reebok Run.r 96s to their collection will be able to grab a pair exclusively from Barneys on Saturday, September 15th. ..........Read full article

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  • Discount REEBOK MEN CLASSICS ROYAL BB4500 LOW White / Black Outlet Online
  • Discount REEBOK MEN CLASSICS ROYAL BB4500 LOW White / Black Outlet Online

    Description: I gotta say, I've never been this disappointed with Asics shoes in my life. This is my favorite brand and I've probably purchased Asics half a dozen times, but I will never buy this model again. The shoes are extremely uncomfortable. They irritate my feet when I exercise and leave my feet on the verge of blisters. It's so bad that I can't wear them the next day. I'm not sure if maybe they run too big, but that really surprises me because my shoe size doesn't fluctuate and I have always purchased a size 10, sometimes even 10 1/2. Also, if your feet overpronate I do not recommend these at all as the support on these shoes make my overpronation worse.

    3-month update:
    The shoes are now even worse! If there were was an option to choose 0 stars, I would lower my initial 1-star review. It's only been 3 months and the shoes are actually falling apart. I've had Asics shoes that I've worn for hours, 6 days a week, when I used to do marching band that have held up for literally years, but 3 months in and the soles are detaching. I only wear them twice a week for about 2 hours each day when I go to the gym. I'm beginning to think these are not real Asics and maybe I got a knock-off sent to me. Money down the drain :(
    Date Added:October 24, 2018
    By Alé

  • Discount REEBOK MEN CROSSFIT VICTORY SLIDE Neon Blue / Gravel / Red Rush Outlet Online
  • Discount REEBOK MEN CROSSFIT VICTORY SLIDE Neon Blue / Gravel / Red Rush Outlet Online

    Description: Pretty disappointed with this purchase. I ordered three pairs in different colors, and only one of the three was genuine. The other two were clearly FAKE/COUNTERFEIT/KNOCKOFFS. It may be hard to discern if this was your first pair, and you may just write off Pumas as a crummy brand, but please inspect carefully when you receive them. I've been wearing the Puma Suedes for the past 6-7ish years, and these are the first pairs I've purchased online.

    The gold print and logo should be sharp with crisp edges, and smooth. Two of my pairs had print that was run together and had a bunch of "overspray" or whatever you want to call it. The leather is also of a different quality, which may be harder to discern. See the pictures I uploaded with my review. Only the grey pair is genuine, and I think you will see the difference.

    The sole/underside: Only the genuine pair had a very clearly defined "®". The other two were poorly cast.

    The box: If you open your shoebox and it has a sticker that says "", you very likely have a fake. The fake pairs also came wrapped in tissue paper that says "puma". The genuine pair had plain white tissue paper and no sticker. The boxes are nearly identical themselves.

    I bought three pairs seeing the price drop, and only one was real. I'm returning the other two to Amazon, and using the money to buy one real pair in the store.

    Buyer beware!
    Date Added:October 21, 2018
    By Avi Guzman